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A reliable partner. Incepted in 1987, we stand among the leaders in developing Real Estate, Cigarettes, Print & Packaging and warehousing, we are proud to brandish our highly dynamic business model which has been proven in time. We have acheived our goals and objectives of reaching the forefront in the business of FIBC manufacturing.

Ever since the beginning of the 90's, the pro-export focus has been at the very core of the company business strategy founded on continual extensions of the product portfolio, application of up-to-date technologies, quality system certification, staff education, and development of a company of a international calibre and image, ready to come up with solutions no matter how demanding the requirements. Our strategically chosen location at the bustling Haldia port has made an instant mark in exporting to countries in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom.

What we do

We bring technologically advanced functional and high quality products. With a highly robust infrastructure having capabilities to roll out 1.5 million bags of PP Woven Sacks and 60,000 Jumbo Bags (FIBC) in a month, the products ranges from high- resistant jumbo bags (FIBC) spanning the 500 Kg - 2000Kg category in the Baffle, Circular and C Panel bag design segment. Maintaining a clean and hygenic operation, our employees strive for maximum satisfaction of the customers while placing emphasis on reliability, quality, civility and good service.

We focus on our customers delight - Its always a win win situation for our esteemed customers. We strive to be a successful, reliable and dependable company in the international marketplace.

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